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About Us  coconuts
Michelle Michelle

Queen of the kitchen.

Trained by legendary Chef to the rich and famous John Flann.

Creator of the best Blackened Fish on the planet.

Never takes a day off.
Judith Judith

Sister to Michelle.

Winning smile and handy with a screw driver.

Rarely speaks…to me anyway.

Fiona Fiona

The backbone of the kitchen.

Also the kneebone.
Juanita Juanita

Manageress / Barmaid / Waitress extraordinaire.

Creator of the Islands best and most lethal rum punch.

Just about runs the place single handidly.

Prone to pregnancy.

Maria Maria

The baby of the bunch. feisty, nice hair.

Rarely seen not in motion.
Neil Neil

Owner / Manager / Barman.

Nocturnal, easily spooked, please do not feed him.

Also Staring...

Iyesha Iyesha

Backup Waitress.

Rarely drops the plates, interesting hair styles.

Chris Chris

Occasional Doorman.

Likes Gin. Has a moustache.


Chris 2 Chris 2

Backup Barman

Flirts with the female customers, It’s a full time job.

Magics & Cocky Magics & Cocky

Damage control team.

They cause an incredible amount of it.


Cute Kittens Cute Kittens

Live in the back garden.

Go well with a pinot noir or a nice Chablis.

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